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But, I think, if desire were attacking me I’d feel it.
Surely he’s crept in and skilfully hurt me with secret art.
That’s it: a slender arrow sticks fast in my heart,
and cruel Love lives there, in my conquered breast.
Shall I give in: to go down fighting might bank the fires?
Ovid ~ The Amores

Born as Lydia in 15 BC, Pandora fled from her mortal home in fear of her life, only to become a vampire. She becomes victim to a burnt elder blood drinker attempting to obtain the healing blood of Akasha and Enkil from Marius. Marius, her childhood love, was forced to make Pandora his first fledgling. Driven to believe in the worship of the Queen of the Damned, through the powerful images gifted from Akasha’s blood, the arguments between the emotional Pandora and rational Marius begin on the first night of her immortal life. For 200 years Marius and Pandora live in Antioch, it will be the longest period of time they reside with one another. In the 17th Century Marius discovers Pandora traveling with her second fledgling Azim. Dependent on the controlling care of Azim, Pandora begs Marius to help her break away. Wanting another chance with Marius, the wedge is driven further between the pair when fate loses her plea. Eventually, Pandora chooses a solitary existence breaking free of Azim on her own. This existence takes its toll on her though, leaving her motionless and dependant on Marius after the rise and death of Akasha. A true Child of the Millennia, Pandora takes up her solitary existence once more when the when their contrasting personalities become too much to bare, dealing with Marius and the other vampires occasionally, for short durations.

[Playbill: Monica Bellucci]

Disclaimer: This character is owned by Anne Rice. Use of this character is for nonprofit entertainment ie:FICTION and no disrespect is intended.